Calmbirth Resources

Who created Calmbirth?

The Calmbirth® method of childbirth education was created by Peter Jackson in 2005. As a male midwife working in a country hospital for over 20 years, Peter Jackson witnessed mothers whose experience of childbirth was one of fear, anxiety and trauma. Peter knew that nature did not get it wrong; that a labouring mother’s experience could be filled with empowerment and joy. He believed the answer lay in the preparation of the couple during pregnancy. Thus he developed the Calmbirth® Childbirth Preparation program.

Peter is internationally recognised for his success in childbirth education. He offers over 30 years experience in General, Midwifery and Psychiatric disciplines of Nursing in Sydney and NSW regional hospitals. Peter is a member of the Australian College of Midwives, NSW Nurses Association the NSW Midwives Association and trained with the Brice-Wright School of Subconscious Mind Therapy.



Books: Pregnancy, Labour and Birth

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth – Ina May Gaskin

New Active Birth – Janet Balaskas

Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering – Sarah Buckley

Childbirth without Fear – Grantly Dick-Read

Any book by Michel Odent

Any book by Sheila Kitzinger

Books: Parenting

Why Love Matters. How Affection Shapes a Baby’s Brain – Sue Gerhardt

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding – La Leche League International

Unconditional Parenting – Alfie Kohn

Heart to Heart Parenting – Robin Grille

Any book by William and Martha Sears