calmbirth antenatal classes (12 hours)

Calmbirth® Childbirth Education Program is evidence-based, unbiased, clinically and scientifically proven.

With knowledge comes confidence.

Suitable for 1st or subsequent births, as well as those having a caesarean.

Available face-to-face, or via ZOOM.

4 week courses available via ZOOM

calmbirth antenatal classes (12 hours)

Calmbirth® Childbirth Education Program is evidence-based, unbiased, clinically and scientifically proven antenatal classes.

With knowledge comes confidence.

Suitable for 1st or subsequent births, as well as those having a caesarean.

Available face-to-face, or via ZOOM.

4 week courses available via ZOOM

Auckland + Waiheke classes

2-day weekend calmbirth antenatal classes are held in Auckland, and regularly on Waiheke Island

Wellington classes

2-day weekend calmbirth antenatal classes are held regularly in Lower Hutt for the person giving birth plus their chosen partner or support person.

South Island Classes

2-day weekend calmbirth antenatal classes are held in South Island centres.

4 week calmbirth courses LIVE in your home via ZOOM

Calmbirth® courses available via ZOOM platform.
Courses are Live, face-to-face and interactive with your educator and class.
Auckland DHB
Deb Viv & Alicia

Hello! We are Vida, Deb, & Alicia

Registered Educators
Vida Rye – Wellington

Vida began working in the birthing world in London in 1998 as a doula (trained birth companion and support person after birth). After moving to NZ in 2002, Vida discovered Calmbirth® when pregnant with her first baby and then used the techniques to gently and joyfully birth both of her daughters at home. Vida trained as a Calmbirth® Educator in 2008 and has been sharing Calmbirth® in Wellington ever since.

Debbie Peters – South Island & Auckland/Waiheke

Deb is a registered Calmbirth® educator, who commenced her practice on Waiheke Island, after she had used the techniques for her daughter’s birth. She has spent 7 years teaching in Australia and returned in 2015 to New Zealand. Just over half the women she works with are for their 2nd or 3rd birth.

Alicia Ferguson – Auckland and Wellington

Alicia has been a registered midwife for over 10 years, having worked both in the community and the hospital. She has always been passionate about sharing all her knowledge and experience with others, which meant that becoming a Calmbirth Educator was a perfect fit. She has seen firsthand the amazing influence the Calmbirth course has had when it comes to helping couples create their best birth experience. Alicia is so excited to share this with as many women as possible.

A positive birth experience

For those who are uncertain whether birthing courses are necessary or worth the investment, or concerned they may feel pushed into a particular way of giving birth, Peter Jackson, calmbirth’s founder explains; “Calmbirth does not advocate for one way to give birth; it’s about helping couples create a positive birth experience, no matter how that birth unfolds.

Understand the process of birth

The program is designed to teach mothers to use their inner resources to work with birth and to help them understand the process of birth so they can help the baby into the world, instead of resisting the labour journey.”

calmbirth child birth & prenatal courses

The major difference between calmbirth and other child birthing programs or prenatal courses is the unbiased, researched, holistic and collaborative foundation of the program. This design is the reason for its unparalleled success for birthing women and for releasing the fear of childbirth.


Getting Started is Easy

Find a class

 Calmbirth® antenatal classes are available at venues in major centres throughout NZ or LIVE and interactive via Zoom.

Book your course

Find the location or educator for the course you want to do, complete online booking form, pay deposit or early bird amount.

Start calmbirth

Weekend and weekday evening classes.  Either at venue or via Zoom.   Attend with an open mind, ready for relaxation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who created Calmbirth®?

Peter Jackson – a midwife for over 40 years, created Calmbirth® in 2004 after working in Australian hospitals where he witnessed the mother’s experience of birth was one of fear, anxiety and trauma. Peter knew that nature did not get it wrong; that a labouring mother’s experience could be filled with empowerment and joy. He believed the answer lay in the preparation. So he created the Calmbirth® program to share evidenced based knowledge and tools with women and couples preparing for birth.

Do we receive support after we attend the Calmbirth® classes?

Yes.  Your educator will be available for phone/email contact support after the Calmbirth® classes as your pregnancy progresses.

Why do I have to bring my partner/birthing companion?

Many women find it very beneficial to have a close support person to assist them through the birthing process. The Calmbirth® program offers the support person clear skills and ways in which they can most effectively support the birthing woman. This is an incredible opportunity for a deepening connection between a woman, her baby and her companion/partner.

Can I still do Calmbirth® if I don’t have a partner?

Yes, as it is not essential to have a partner to do the Calmbirth® class. However, the Calmbirth® program supports women to have a birthing companion, this could be a close friend or mother, to assist you through the birthing process if you so choose.

Is there a cost to attend Calmbirth® classes?

Calmbirth® classes are not publicly funded therefore there is a charge. Please check with the individual educator. However, we wish to be inclusive of all women who want to attend so please discuss payment options with us.

Do I receive any materials at the class?

Each woman/couple receives a class booklet and audio tracks which you take home to use during your relaxation practice.

What do I need to bring to the class?

Bring yourself, your birthing companion and of course an open mind. Please wear comfortable clothing so you can really relax. Feel free to bring your favourite blanket, cushions, pillow or bean bag. Snacks are provided at break time, but feel free to bring anything extra you may need.

Is Calmbirth® only for women having their first baby?

No. Women who have already experienced birth find taking Calmbirth® classes allows them to approach a subsequent pregnancy and baby with renewed confidence.  A fresh approach is beneficial because every experience and every baby is unique.

How do I book on a Calmbirth® class?

Contact the educator offering Calmbirth® in  your area or find the class date that you want and  BOOK NOW  

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